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This Month June 2023 - Thursday, 01 Jun 2023

The garden is a patchwork of vibrant colour with a plethora of flowering plants to feast my eyes on, I don’t know which direction to look next as I don’t want to miss anything. It is a fabulous time to visit and your senses will be assaulted by the sights, sounds and aromas as you meander the many paths.
I am busy working on the vegetable garden and just a little titivating in the herbaceous areas as I don’t want to cut the plants back too soon as the seed heads are good for wildlife. I also like to give plants a chance to self seed to increase the cottage garden effect which that creates, and the more the earth is covered by plants the less it will dry out in dry weather. My biggest worry is the water situation, there are increasing water issues in England as well as Europe and many other countries around the world. The consumerist lifestyle and continual push for wealth and materialism now is reducing the chance of quality of life in the future, who needs so many clothes, the latest gadgets, a new kitchen, sofa or more tat to have to spend more time dusting. That is without mentioning the chemicals that go on food production and on the land as well as that used in homes which all put our health at greater risk. I am afraid that I cannot stop myself frequently mentioning water security but it is a big problem that few people are aware of. Having experienced being without water to the house for a few months last year it brings it very much to the front of my mind as it is the basic thing we cannot do without. I do get frustrated when I see people watering their lawns, if they allowed the grass to grow they wouldn’t need to water as well as not be using polluting fuels in the mowing process.
I will pull out the Forget-me-nots as they go over so they are not drowning out the perennials which are just coming up. I do hope to spend more time working on the summer prune of any branches on shrubs that have died back. On hot sunny afternoons I hope to find time to put my feet up with a book or writing as usually at the time of year I work later in the day but I find there is a limit to the hours I can keep going or the joints and back will start screaming at me. There are also a couple of extra jobs I would like to finish this month whilst my mind is working on new projects, even against my own advice, I just can’t seem to stop it constantly coming up with different ideas!
I am pleased that most of the new Rhododendrons are looking well with several in flower now, a yellow Magnolia is still flowering. I am amazed at how many Camassia and Ragged Robin there are in the grass and as I did not plant that many they must be self seeding well. The Primula candelabra are superb with so many different colours. I must find time to take the camera for a walk, I was going to this evening but after working almost twelve hours I don’t have the energy.
The garden is open for NGS Monday 5th June, 3rd July and 7th August but do contact to visit on other days and don’t forget that you can either explore the garden on your own or book a guided tour which has no minimum number of people so you can do that on your own or grab family or friends to split the cost.

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