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This Month July 2023 - Friday, 30 Jun 2023

The rain brought on a lot of fresh growth so I pushed myself to put in more hours with several days starting at 7am and not finishing until after 8pm with some quick breaks to eat, I must be mad but it’s not doing me any harm, not much harm anyway.
I was offered a free ticket to Glastonbury, my choice was stay at home and work my socks off or go to a famous festival to see numerous well known performers. No competition, I chose to stay in the tranquillity of the garden rather than be squashed in with 199,999 other people, just the thought makes me feel sick. A friend of mine was performing but almost a week with no escape from the multitude of unwashed humanity sounds like purgatory. Besides it’s soft fruit time so I was picking strawberries, raspberries, yellow raspberries and Juneberries every other day. Juneberry is Amelanchier Saskatoon, a small purple berry with a distinctive dry sweet flavour only better than that description.
It isn’t all work and no play as I have had some outings to visit other gardens and often came home with a few plants including some ferns, Hemerocallis and Kniphofia. I also bought a new Tropaeolum as the one I have is struggling to put on any growth, I think it may have become too dry where it is and would not be happy at being moved. I now need to decide where to put the new one, by preference it would be with its feet in the shade and head in the sun to ramble up a conifer but not in a dry area. I got Rosa This Morning which has very attractive single deep pink flowers, it is a patio Rose so not very big, I do not know where to plant that either.
The Roses are looking great now, out of the window I can see one with small double bright pink flowers which has created a waterfall over a trellis and another shrub. The Cornus are also brilliant especially Cornus kousa Miss Satomi with pink bracts and C. Norman Hadden with white bracts. The area they are planted is colourful with different shrubs including a pale pink Styrax.
I was working around the outside of the sunken garden and glanced in to spot what looked like an Orchid so had to nip and investigate, my eyes had not deceived me and I was just too happy for words, almost. I was quite amazed as the other Orchids are quite a distance away from this one. Some of the work I was doing included cut off canes of Rubus lineatus which had died over winter but I was pleased to see some young pushing up through the ground and amongst these were two young Sassafrass which have suckered from the parent tree. I am now in a dilemma whether to leave them to form a copse of Sassafrass, to try to move the young somewhere else or even to chop them off but knowing me that is not an option, I had better make my choice before they get big so no prevaricating, as if I would!
The long grass in areas of the lower garden is looking colourful with pink, blue and white Geranium that have self-seeded freely, I do like it when nature does the job for me. I was not so enthralled with the same variety of pink Geranium which had spread to cover almost half of one big herbaceous bed so I spent a while pulling it all out to reveal the multitude of perennials it had been smothering. In another herbaceous area a blue Geranium was trying to muscle other plants out so that too got the same treatment as the pink one.
I am hoping that as July progresses there will be less jobs shouting for my attention, wishful thinking!
The next NGS open days are Monday 3rd July and 7th August 10am to 5pm.

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