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This Month August 2023 - Monday, 31 Jul 2023

It’s a wet day so I am taking the opportunity to catch up with computer stuff, I would much rather be planting out the car load that I got yesterday. Most of this selection are for infilling in various areas of the garden such as several Philadelphus silberrengen  to plant between Cornus and other shrubs. The Philadelphus form a dense mound, I do already have one mature specimen planted out, it needs no attention and looks very attractive so more will drown the grass and, I hope, give a pleasing effect with the same species dotted amongst the other plants.
It is dangerous here at the moment as I have been coming up with several new ideas, I have to be careful that I don’t start too many projects at the same time, I’m only working on about four at the moment, they are all intended to add more colour and hopefully reduce some of the work. One such project was to dig out one of the herb beds, it had been Variegated Comfry and several different mints but the Comfry had reverted to green and most of the mints had escaped their containers and were intermingling beyond control, or the tougher ones muscling out the more well behaved. The bed is now a mix of patio Roses under planted with Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens (Black Mondo Grass). I hope that as it matures it will add to the views from the nearby seat. I put in at least 50 plants of the black grass all taken from the edge of a patch in the grass garden which had been spreading over the path so you wouldn’t even notice their removal.
Most of the plants I have just bought are for a new area to try to drown the tough grass and troublesome species of ‘weed’, I have already planted a good variety of shrubs and am keen to get more in to cover the area and reduce the workload as well as making it more attractive. I may put some of the Philadelphus there, more species of Hydrangea, red Spirea Anthony Waterer, bright yellow Potentilla Goldfinger, Cistus Purpureus, and various different Choisya. It is great planting this area at the moment as it is amongst plum trees so I have the occasional break to scoff plums.
I have ordered quite a lot of different Hemerocallis to add summer colour to another area but I may grow the plants on in a vegetable bed for a while so they are more able to stand up to any competition where I am putting them. I chose them for their vibrant showy flowers and because they usually bulk up quite quickly.
In the kitchen garden some beds are already sitting fallow and have a covering to stop weeds germinating after crops have been removed. At present it is either French beans or runner beans on the plates almost every day as there are so many. The broad beans are in the freezer for winter, so too is the soft fruit.
I hadn’t been able to mow for a while so the grass paths were getting rather lush but with barely 24 hours without a shower I decided to mow a few days ago. I was concerned that it would make a mess but there was no problem, the tractor came up the tricky paths well and I am not having to wade through knee high grass.

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