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This Month March 2024 - Thursday, 29 Feb 2024

Oh dear me, this rain is so frustrating, it is warm enough to be gardening but far too wet  although I have to be working any time it is not raining and sometimes when it is a light mizzle or I will never get through the job list. I am pleased there was a few dry days enough to bring some of the piles of logs in from pruning but most of it will be sitting around the garden for a while longer. I did some pruning yesterday when there was a small window of dry but the ground is so slippery that I had to be very careful. The problem is that when it becomes dry enough to crack on with the work without inclement weather it is doubtful that I will find enough energy to do everything I want to.
I did find time to split and move some snowdrops, some perennials and some suckering shrubs but I am sure that I have forgotten a lot of plants on my mental list. I have been adding to my new planting scheme around the oak circle with a variety of species including several more different species of Snowdrops.
I am trying to decide where to put Pseudopanax adiantifolius Cyril Watson which I bought for its attractive dark green leathery leaves. It needs a sheltered area but at least it may grow in sun or semi-shade which increases the possibilities of places to plant it, I am tempted to put it in a gap in one of the shrubberies around the oak circle but can‘t decide if it will be just a bit too shady. Two spreading perennials I bought are Bergenia schneekristall which has white flowers and an un-named Pulmonaria with marked leaves and vivid blue flowers, I may also put them both in the area of the oak circle.
I am pleased to see my new bulbs coming up, I hope they will spread well amongst the, already, massed bulbs around the garden. In flower now are the many different Daffodils and numerous shrubs. A deep red Rhododendron which has been a bit disappointing in recent years but is looking very floriferous this year.
We recently took out a dead Pine tree but looking at the patch you do not see a gap where it was as there are so many shrubs around the area including one of my favourite Camellias with a flat face and stiff pink and white petals.
I have decided to take out another Bramley apple tree, in may ways I do not want to but the apples take many hours/days to prune every year and one less will save a lot of aches and pains as well as hours of time. The more I think about it the more I think it is a good idea. We recently took out one next to it and I feel the area may be more attractive to my eye with an ornamental tree in its place and there are several other apples. I think this will be an autumn job.
I will keep mentioning our small garden festival on 16th June in aid of the local hospice, do come along as it promises to be a good day. I haven’t held one in June before, it is a lovely time of year and the event will include 7 different musical performances near the terrace, all acoustic so no head-banging sounds. There will be blacksmith demonstrations, plants for sale and other garden sundries, refreshments with local ice cream  as well as a cake and jam stall. It may be the last large event I do so ensure you come to this one.

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