This Month

This Month June 2024 - Friday, 28 Jun 2024

I don’t know where May has gone, the problem with being so busy is that there is not always time to enjoy it. Hopefully after our Garden Festival on the 16th June things will be a little more relaxed. An added problem has cropped up in that there has been a mistake on the hospice open garden leaflet, they have put ‘dogs welcome on leads’, this is not true. we do not allow dogs in the garden and they will not be allowed in even if people bring them along. Even if owners persuade the people on the gate to allow them in I will be asking them to leave when I see them in the garden. A number of people are coming to the event because they know we do not allow dogs. It should be a great day out with cakes and music and plants, the only thing missing from my favourites list are books, but wait a minute, hot off the press will be a new garden book by a local author who will be holding a pre-launch offer and book signing.
The garden is very colourful and vibrant from the subtle flowers of plants such as Decaisnea fargesii to the ‘in-your-face’ Rhododendrons. The Embothrium is a mass of flaming red flowers. There are far more Camassia in the grass than I remember planting and I found an Orchid where I didn’t plant one. The Crinodendrons are looking great although the one I bought as C. Alf Robbins which is supposed to have white flowers isn’t. It is red like the mature shrub which I planted it near but that should be rectified soon. No, I am not going round it with a tin of white emulsion paint! I am pleased with my new Rhododendrons and am hopeful that as they mature they will do just the job I intended which is bringing massed colour to the area and reducing the grass.
I was hoping to find time to plant a small new area in the hot sunny front garden but that may have to wait a little while as I have too many other jobs to do. At present I am doing a mega weed as I pull up the Forget-me-nots which have gone over and until now have hidden other unwanted plants. It is a satisfying job as they pull out so easily and a large area can be finished quickly. I am leaving piles of debris around the garden so I hope I have a volunteer in a day or two to clear it all away for me.
When I have finished this weed I must go around the garden doing summer pruning of any dead branches and will hopefully find time to do the new small area I mentioned.
Hope to see you on the 16th June, come and say hello, I will be the one with a head gardener badge and looking fraught.

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