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This Month July 2024 - Monday, 01 Jul 2024

I have been doing some speed weeding, I turned around twice and looked to see the grass as high as an elephants eye, well ok that is a bit of an exaggeration but it meant that I needed to clear a couple of areas before it drowned some herbaceous plants. It showed me where I need to plant more perennials and even a few spots I could put trees or shrubs. As I still have three barrow loads waiting to be planted perhaps I had better clear some more places. Some of the new plants are untested in hardiness and may need protection from wind and hard frosts so I will have to think very carefully where to plant them. I bought two different Brassaiopsis for their lovely leaf shapes and whilst I have another which has survived through two winters the new ones may not be as hardy. I also bought Banksia canei which I never thought of trying before but it is one of the hardiest so fingers crossed. I aim to create a new bed at the end of the greenhouse in the kitchen garden where I will plant the smallest of the less hardy plants but most will come to big to go there so they will have to be sheltered by other shrubs and trees in the shrubberies of the upper garden or in the lower garden.
My garden festival in June was a lovely day. The day before was stormy so we ensured there was cover for the musicians and visitors but I was very happy to wake up to a clear fine day. I am grateful to my neighbour who lent a field for parking and all the volunteers. The tea and cake made over £625 and ran out of cake but we still had some delicious local Berry’s Ice Cream.
The music was brilliant with a scratch band of Pugh, Evans and Jones. Superb guitarist and singer Gary Smith, the jazzy sounds of Wyeson Lane (Almshouse Allstars), finger picking Banjo Ian. Multi instruments and voice of Quantum Penguin (Matt) and, last but not least, the brilliant Grey Wolf. Fabulous musicians all of them. The total raised in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice Hereford was £2,361.82.
That was the last festival I am hosting as it takes a lot of energy, I will still open several days a year for the NGS charity, the next is July 15th. I will also continue to open by appointment which I need to do to ensure I can continue to tend the garden to its high standard so please do contact me and I will try to ensure that you may visit on your chosen day.
The garden has been showing off its finery with nearly every visitor asking about the gorgeous Cornus kousa Norman Hadden. It is a beautiful small tree and so covered in its small flowers surrounded by the velvety white bracts that leaves are barely visible. As the bracts age they turn a pretty pink colour so it looks like I have planted a different tree. Several visitors have said that it is the most impressive specimen they have ever seen.
Another much-remarked upon plant is Primula candelabra which are planted in large patches and are very vibrant in many colours, bringing sunshine even on cloudy days.
If you want to read more about Moors Meadow Gardens my book ‘Gardening by the Seat of your Pants’ is just off the press and can be obtained direct from me for £15 + p&p. It tells you about the history before taking you on an indepth tour describing feature and plants as well as garden anecdotes and my garden ethos.

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