16. Jungle Garden

Jungle Garden More trees, shrubs and herbaceous in this area but planted so close the machete is frequently needed to keep the paths open so you will need to look very carefully to find some of the most unusual plants; Corylus contorta (Corkscrew hazel), Piptanthus nepalensis with bright yellow pea-like flowers in late spring, Sophora microphylla (New Zealand kowhai), Aristotelia serrata (New Zealand wineberry or makomako), Chimonanthus praecox or Wintersweet, the name says it all with it’s very fragrant yellow flowers before the leaves appear and the Magnolia stellata covered in star-shaped white flowers. Last but most definitely not least the Handkerchief tree Davidia involucrata with large showy white bracts from late spring, also known as Dove tree or Ghost tree and originates from China.



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