10. Lake

Lake Near the small lake is a Pyrus salicifolia pendula (Willow leaved pear) and a group of Vestia foetida with its very smelly leaves. Some of the plants situated on the edge of the lake are the beautiful Lobelia cardinalis, Schizostylus (Kaffir lily), Lysichiton (Skunk cabbage), Caltha palustris (Marsh marigold) and the magnificent Gunnera manicata. In shallow water are the Butomus umbellate (Flowering rush), Sagittaria latifolia also known as American arrowhead or Duck potato and the eye catching blues of the Pontederia cordata and the tall Hardy canna. There are several Water lilies and the pretty yellow Nymphoides peltata. Stop at the jetty for a while and watch the many species of dragonfly and damselfly, if you are very lucky you may see some newts and even a Kingfisher has been seen by some of our visitors.



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