12. Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbsKnown as the Long field it has thousands of Daffodils and is covered in wild flowers, amongst them the Ragged robin and Cowslip, which bring in many butterflies and other insects.There are many specimen trees and shrubs too numerous to list, there are several Magnolias, a variety of Lilac, some Cornus, particular favourites are Norman Hadden and Wedding cake tree, Pittosporum tobira, Metasequoia and Calycanthus floridus (Carolina allspice) with lovely brownish red flowers with a mass of petals. There are many varieties of Acers, Buddleia’s, Hollies, Prunus, Sorbus, Hebe and Cistus and to add to the brilliant colours of Autumn are Persian ironwood, Blackgum and Cockspur thorn.



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